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We are New Zealand’s first and most reliable kitchen renovation company and our goal is to provide you with a personalised service so that your dream kitchen becomes a reality. We can deliver everything your kitchen renovation in Hamilton requires, from installing or replacing new cabinet doors and benchtops, updating appliances, tile work, flooring, lighting and more. When you contact us for a free consultation, we can pop along to your home, working with you to develop a remodelling plan that incorporates both creative ideas and practical needs.

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Kitchen Renovation Costs

We understand that when it comes to renovating, most of us need to compromise somewhere but that shouldn’t be on value, our aim is to get best kitchen design within your target budget. Being the industry leader, we offer highly reputable, quality products and services at very competitive prices. In addition, our suppliers are some of the best in the industry. You want to be sure that the changes you make add value to your home, increase your comfort level and reward the household for years to come. To begin an estimate, it’s important to get a solid understanding of your vision and kitchen needs. A good idea is to write down a list of factors you want from your new kitchen, we recommend the first draft should be your “Dream List”,  in this list, you don’t need to hold back on budget concerns, just bullet point everything you want from your new kitchen. After it is complete, you can then run through and prioritise each one. After you have finished, contact us and we can talk about how to tick, the most boxes. There may be a few tough choices to make, but often with a little brainstorming and collaboration, we can come up with some creative solutions.

Kitchen Renovation Design 

Armed with a little help and guidance, designing a kitchen remodel is enjoyable and fun. At Dream Doors, we have helped thousands of happy customers all over New Zealand create lovely kitchens. From classic, chic and sophisticated to bold, stylish and edgy. We have designed and remodeled projects big and small, traditional and completely wacky. Our professional designers will create and carefully build your kitchen, tailored to meet your vision. We work as a team, taking your ideas and transforming them into a kitchen that is not only functional, but beautiful.

It is always useful to pin down exactly what you want from your newly renovated kitchen. The more understanding designers have, the better. Here are some great questions to get you thinking about your needs when planning your new kitchen design.


  • Are you happy with the amount of storage space you have?
  • Is it easy to access the storage space that you do have?
  • Are you able to quickly sort, recycle and remove waste?



  • Are you satisfied with the amount of floor and surface space?
  • Does the current kitchen layout best fit your movement habits?
  • Do you feel like you have enough kitchen space to move freely?
  • Can you easily access and wipe clean all surfaces?



  • Are you happy to entertain from your kitchen?
  • Can you interact socially with family and friends whilst in the kitchen?
  • Can you flow freely between the fridge, sink and oven to cooking, baking and prep areas?



  • Are you happy with the general style of your kitchen?
  • Do you like the colours and textures of your cabinet doors and benchtops?
  • Is your kitchen looking fresh and clean?

Kitchen renovation Ideas

Creating a kitchen you love is an exciting project to embark on, it’s the hub and heart of our home. Once upon a time a kitchen was simply a room where food was prepared and cooked – today, it’s one of the most used and versatile spaces in the house. The modern kitchen is a fantastic multi-functional social and entertaining area where family and friends prepare food, share drinks and gather in conversation, work, supervise children and much more.

These ever increasing lifestyle demands mean that our kitchens need to be designed smarter and handle tasks more smoothly and efficiently than ever before, and they need to look great too.

Over the years, we are seeing our clients move away from plain and simple looks and experimenting with individuality, creativity and interest. We are getting requests for more colour and texture and finding clever ways to maximise on storage and boost energy efficiency. We’ve literally seen hundreds of kitchens, so we’re always expanding our designs and ideas, equally, we know time honoured classics that can’t be beaten.

Why not give us a call to discuss some of your kitchen ideas today.

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