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We provide amazing Kitchen Renovations in Wellington and throughout New Zealand. Our professional and experienced designers have years of experience in to help and guide you as well as give you confidence that what you ask for will be combined with everything we know about what makes a kitchen both look good and really function well.  A great first step is to have a chat with us on the phone, and if what we have to say seems helpful, we can always come out and measure up and produce a quote for you.

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Kitchen Renovation Cost

There are lots of great reasons to upgrade your kitchen. How many times have you noticed that people tend to gather in or around the kitchen? No matter how much effort you go to making the rest of your home look comfortable and beautiful, friends and family often migrate to where the drinks and food are coming from. A kitchen makeover is therefore a great way to improve the enjoyment of your home for both family and friends, but did you know its also a very good investment, with the money you spending typically lifting your home by that value or more.

One of the best and smartest ways to save money on kitchen design is simply by giving your old kitchen a facelift. For this reason, many homeowners are choosing a kitchen renovation, rather than an entirely new kitchen. Costs for refacing cabinets and surfaces depend mostly on material selection, the number of cabinets, as well as your design choice. That all said, the price of a renovation is commonly from $3k to $15k, whereas a new kitchen can be many times that.

Kitchen Renovation Design

New looks and features make designing a kitchen one of the most fun elements of your home project. While the layout will largely be predetermined by the space available, there are a wide range of elements, functions and selections to consider.

Understanding how people flow through the kitchen is a useful tool in organizing cabinet and bench-top space.  Wee want your kitchen experience to be efficient as well as comfortable. Think about your routine and make a list of the types of activities you need specific areas for, and how they may overlap when more than one person uses the kitchen.

You want your surfaces to look great, and they have to be functional too. When updating your kitchen, think about your benchtops and evaluate how you use your kitchen, what’s working and what isn’t. The amount of space you need will be specific to your routine and will vary with the size limitations of your room and budget.

You will probably want some appliances permanently located around the kitchen too. This will be anything from your oven and fridge to your coffee machine, kettle, toaster, food processor, or an assortment of other devices. Thinking ahead about the types and placement of these appliances will ensure you have enough surface area, power outlets where you need them and help plan your space better, keeping things running smoothly and efficiently.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The kitchen is the best part of our home, and you want it to be both warm and inviting, stylish and functional – Getting this mix right can be one of the biggest challenges of kitchen design. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, we have lots of advice for making your kitchen look beautiful, whether it is designing a new one from scratch or renovating it with innovative concepts.

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