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Why New Kitchens West Wellington?

Our goal is simple – to design and build amazing new kitchens for home owners in West Wellington and throughout New Zealand.

We achieve this by ensuring every step of our new kitchen design and build process is achieved by placing our customers at the heart of what we do. Our experience in the industry and our passion for creating modern, amazing new kitchens means you can expect outstanding service and craftmanship from us.  We will only use quality cabinetry, materials and appliances and our 10 year warranty support ensures your new Dream Doors kitchen will be a decision you never regret!

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What does a new Kitchen Cost?

Traditionally a new kitchen can vary hugely in cost.  Certain factors that will always affect the final costings include the size of your new kitchen and the amount of new materials required, or the quality of the cabinetry you choose and the cost of your new appliances.  If you choose to have a new kitchen that also requires a one off design and “made to order” cabinetry you will also find you need to spend a little more.  

However, at Dream Doors West Wellington, our experience in producing a range of new kitchens means we can save you money wherever possible.  We offer a free new kitchen consultation meeting at your home where one of our Dream Doors kitchen consultants can provide immediate design and budget support. Throughout the kitchen design process we will work closely with you and your budget to ensure you can achieve the new kitchen of your dreams.

If you are working to a tight budget Dream Doors West Wellington also offers an unrivalled kitchen renovation service. Read more about this service here.

What about my new Kitchen Design?

The design of your kitchen is the most important step in the process.  Your new kitchen should meet a number of criteria – it should suit your lifestyle and maximise the flow to other areas of your home.  Storage and easy access to everyday kitchen items are also an important consideration. You may also have specific requirements around accessibility and lighting too. But above all your new kitchen should be a place that you love to spend time in, both in preparing meals and sharing moments with the people you love.

Below are a range of factors to consider for your new kitchen design and these are a great starting point for your early planning:

Your New Kitchen Layout:
There are lots of options around your new kitchen layout.  Modern design means kitchens are no longer a separate room, used solely for housework.  Now they are the heart of the home, a welcoming space both to socialise and relax in. Dream Doors Kitchens have welcomed this changing dynamic and it is reflected in our thorough approach to designing your new kitchen.  We can talk you through the various layout options that would suit your space, whether it is a galley kitchen or a U or L shaped design will suit you best. We can also advise on interchangeable kitchen countertops and other clever tricks to maximise space.

Materials are the building blocks of your new kitchen, the countertops, cabinets, splashbacks and joinery.  We will guide you through the options available, to ensure we meet both your budget and your vision.  Our new kitchen designers will skilfully blend a harmonious use of materials to achieve the finished effect – whether it is a modern high gloss finish, use of higher end materials for the wow factor or making your budget go further by choosing a luxury granite worktop and then saving money on your cabinetry. Our Dream Doors difference is in making your budget for your dream new kitchen go further than you ever imagined.

Lighting is an integral part of the design process and good kitchen design will capitalise on the natural light already present in your kitchen. Each area will have different lighting requirements and our new kitchen consultants will cover lighting needs thoroughly with you. Ask us about low energy options that will save on your power bills too.

Great kitchen flooring will bring together all the elements of your new kitchen. You can choose from a range of colours, materials and textures and our experienced team can recommend stylish options which are durable and easy to keep clean. Modern flooring is a world away from the patterned lino we remember from our childhood. Now you can invest in beautiful hardwood or natural stone kitchen floors or choose low maintenance but stylish kitchen tiling. Whatever you decide our Dream Doors kitchen floor expertise will keep you on the right track for your design.

New Kitchen Cabinetry:
Your new kitchen cabinetry can make a bold statement or be discrete and streamlined with clean lines and modern finishes. Alternatively traditional wooden kitchens are back in vogue with an updated nod to Scandinavian design and a cosy feel with lots of character. Whatever you choose we will advise on the right amount of storage to create an uncluttered space which is the hallmark of a modern new kitchen.

Your Appliances:
Finally it is time to choose your new kitchen appliances.  The kitchen is the most hardworking space in the house and your new appliances should be up to the task.  Your requirements may differ according to your living situation, larger families for example need functional and durable appliances that can cope with demand.

Your New Kitchen Inspiration:
We are here to share ideas and tips and get your new kitchen dream started. We have created a gallery below which showcases latest styles and examples of amazing new kitchens. Feel free to browse through and get inspired.  Then give us a call to speak to one of our friendly team members. From there your new kitchen dreams will become an affordable reality.

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