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We create amazing new kitchens for customers in Wellington, Lower Hutt and throughout New Zealand. Our experienced team take care of you through every step of the process from start to finish, including 10 year warranty support. We have a reputation for excellent service and craftsmanship, incorporating high quality cabinetry, materials, fixtures, fittings and appliances.

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New Kitchen Cost

New kitchens come in a range of prices. The factors that have the biggest influence include the size of the kitchen and the quality of materials and appliances to be use. Bespoke materials and custom-made designs will cost more than off-the-shelf designs.

There are many ways we can save you money without compromising on quality or style. If you’re working to a tight budget and have an existing kitchen, consider refreshing it with one of our magical kitchen renovations instead. Why not ask us about our complimentary consultations, we can visit you in your home and go through some budgeting and design options on the spot.

New Kitchen Design

New Kitchens Wellington - Red and Black Granite Modern Kitchen   New Kitchens Wellington - Red and Black Gloss Kitchen

There are many things to consider when it comes to new kitchen design, there are galley kitchens, U & L shaped kitchens, interchangeable countertops and more. Sometimes you know what you want, but the space you have to play with is limiting.

We guide and assist you through the entire kitchen design process and bring your kitchen ideas to life. Our designers will have lots of questions because our ultimate goal is to achieve an optimum mix of functionality, efficiency and style whilst ensuring harmonious integration with your lifestyle.

If you’d like to start scrapbooking your ideas, we have put together the following list of considerations:


Traditionally, most kitchens were separated from the rest of the living and dining space and were largely used only for cooking in. Modern day living however, has seen us opening up our kitchen spaces to the rest of the living areas in the home, giving family and friends a meeting point for spending time together, eating, socializing and relaxing.


The choice of materials for your benchtops, surfaces and cabinets are a big part of kitchen design. There are really smooth materials, like glass and polished metal or at the luxury end, marble and granite. Remember the great thing about kitchen design is the flexibility to pick and mix – some people choose to splash out on a top end bench-top and save on cabinetry and appliances.


Lighting is an essential part of kitchen design and something to consider early on, especially because utilising as much natural light as possible will save on artificial lighting later.


Choosing the right flooring is also key to creating a smart, stylish kitchen with an abundance of materials to choose from, you can easily add colour and texture to make a personal statement. Often kitchen floors get a lot of foot traffic so it’s worth investing in quality. Hardwood floors look beautiful and perform well in kitchens, while tiles are low-maintenance, often stain-proof and come in styles that can complement any kitchen. For a more formal setting, stone is always a stylish and classic choice.


As a general rule, two thirds of the kitchen should have similar tones, while the remaining third would be contrasting . For example, if the cabinets and countertop are light, choose a darker-colored floor. By far the most popular choice in kitchen colour is white, because it gives a clean and classic look – but don’t be afraid to be bold and add a splash of colour to add character and make things interesting.


Kitchen cabinets often make up a large proportion of the kitchen surfaces, and with upper cabinets being in the line of sight, they often set the tone for the style of the rest of the kitchen. In modern kitchen design, chose sleek, solid finishes with little grain and no glazing. Modern kitchen design is all about streamlining, with  clean lines and uncluttered benches. In traditional kitchens, think about using wood with character and decorative panelling.


Once you’ve gone through the process of designing your dream Kitchen, it’s time to select appliances. By spending time thinking about your lifestyle and visualising yourself in the kitchen, you ensure that you get the best functionality from the most used room in your household.


New Kitchen Ideas

With a little thought, preparation and creativity, we can transform any space into a beautiful, functional kitchen where today’s busy family can do a lot more than just cook. We are always happy to share the latest styles and trends, discuss ideas or take a look through your kitchen scrapbook.