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Dream Doors Hawkes Bay

At Dream Doors we offer a range of options for New Kitchens and Kitchen Renovations.

Perhaps just the doors and drawers need replacing, perhaps a beautiful new benchtop, or maybe everything needs redesigning.

Our process minimises disruption and we reuse as much of your existing kitchen infrastructure as possible, saving you money compared to starting from scratch.

Peter and Tina Mathieson are the owners of Dream Doors Hawkes Bay. Peter has years of experience in home design from working in the building industry, while Tina's eye for detail has seen her create kitchens with expertise.

In addition, the team has installed kitchens for over 16 years so we know we can deliver on a kitchen you can be proud of and that your family and friends will love.

If you want to find out more about the Dream Doors service, or would like to discuss an upcoming project, contact Peter and Tina today or complete the enquiry form.

Peter and Tina Mathieson


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